SITA Publishes Baggage Report for 2014

SITA has published its yearly baggage report and announced an overall increase in performance.

All major Key Performance Indicators are up
In 2013, the total number of bags mishandled decreased 17.2% to 21.8 million, whereas passengers’ numbers increased 5.1% to 3.13 billion. We are far from the 46.9 million of bags mishandled in 2007, which was the peak year over the past ten years. Transfer remains the traditional ‘pinch point’ in the baggage handling process being the reasons for loss in 45% of the cases, followed by the ‘failure to load’ that causes 16% of the mishandled bags.

Towards more self-service
Self-service application is a wished trend both for airlines and passengers:

  • More than 60% of the airlines expect to enable missing bag reports via smartphones by 2016
  • Over half of the passengers say that they would use baggage status information if it was available

Air France and Dnata practices quoted in SITA report
SITA report mentioned the practices of Air France and dnata, who offered new services to improve the passengers’ experience.

In early 2014, Air France introduced a service that allowed them to print their bag-tags at home up to 30 hours before the flight, saving passengers time at the airport. Initially offered to domestic passengers, Air France plans to roll out the service to its network throughout the year.

Global air services provider dnata operates at 76 airports worldwide and is also the sole ground baggage handler at Dubai International Airport. Dnata is exploring a complete city check-in with automatic luggage transfer to the new Al Maktoum International Airport and for those arriving passengers staying in Dubai, bags will be transferred from the airport to their hotel in Dubai, so passengers don’t have to worry about picking up their luggage at the airport.

Bernd Struck, dnata vice-president of baggage services, commented: "In the future, customers won’t want to touch their bag at the airport, but will want it to arrive at their destination and not have to worry about it. That is coming and will be an integral part of our planning for the new Dubai World Central Airport. Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. Many tourists upon departure have to leave their hotels at noon. Our idea would be that the customer has the option to either check-in for their flight and drop their bags either at the hotel or go to a city check-in terminal. This means the passenger just takes the metro or a taxi out to the airport in the evening and proceeds directly into the boarding area for their flight."

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