Introducing Point FWD’s Security Checkpoint Insight Tool

Point FWD’s security checkpoint capture method is now available as a ready to use tablet application.

Creating solid starting points for successful security checkpoint change. With specific utilisation aims for:

  • Covid-19 operations recovery monitoring
  • Independent baseline performance measurements
  • Security equipment trial progression monitoring
  • Checkpoint optimisation as guiding instrument

A three-in-one measurement platform

Including three separate measurement tools. The main tool focuses on measuring the security process from start to end, the other two for measuring isolated process performances such as divest and reclaim.

Security process measurements

  • Facilitating accurate passenger action registration
  • Intuitive and consistent guidance through process and procedures
  • Register passenger profiles and content types
  • Register active and passive passenger processing
  • Comment function to capture anomalies
  • Facilitation for all common checkpoint configurations

Simultaneity measurements

  • Main approach for capturing Divest and Reclaim-specific passenger processing.
  • Equal measurement approach for both Divest and Reclaim processes.
  • Output of simultaneity capture is used to determine accurate process capacities at certain operational hours.

Occupancy measurements

  • Capture divest spot assignment process in parallel security lanes.
  • To be used for calculating availability and divest occupancy levels in various operational instances.
  • Output data provides for occupancy level per position.

Comprehensive data collection with numerous output possibilities

Collected data is detailed, airport and checkpoint specific, and is therefore of significant value for a versatality of purposes on different levels of detail:

  • Level 1: Extensive process insights on security lane level for discovery of bottlenecks and potential
  • Level 2: Security Lane and checkpoint capacity modelling based on checkpoint specifics
  • Level 3: Checkpoint redesign modelling and adjecent process integration (i.e. Queuing and Border Control)

Success exists by making stuff measurable. Avoid hesitation and take control.

This is just a glimpse of what CIT is. We’re happy showing you around, to provide more information and to address your security checkpoint challenge.

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