The aviation IT systems specialist INFORM will be attending the Passenger Terminal Expo 2012 in Vienna on 18-20 April. Important new developments have been added to INFORM’s GroundStar suite of IT solutions, including products designed to enhance the already broad scope of GroundStar. These developments include focus on situational awareness of the ground operation at airports and the response to disruptions in the most efficient manner. Highlights of these developments are:

  • Cost model complementing GS HubControl, the suite’s turnaround management system
  • GS Connect, the passenger and baggage transfer manager
  • GS GroundFleet, to manage GSE operations on the apron
  • GS AirportMap, offering full graphical visibility of the operation including the airport infrastructure, the aircraft and the mobile resources involved in it
  • Latest technology incorporated to the range of GS Mobility solution
  • GS RealTime to create and allocate tasks to resources

Additionally, INFORM will present the new GS RosterPlus, a solution based on a highly optimized algorithm created to address companies’ desire for more flexible and efficient staff planning methods. The INFORM team will give details on the new developments at booth 2040.