Manual planning will soon become history at the Cobalt operations at London’s Heathrow Airport. The company has decided to implement GS planning and GS rostering for staff demand and shift planning in relation to about 750 employees. The organisation is characterised by its complex skill-mix arising out of the many different services it offers. As a result, staff and shift planning had become quite a complicated and time-consuming procedure, which finally led to the decision to look for a system that would make it more efficient.

GS planning and GS rostering will initially be installed at the passenger services department and later be rolled-out in other departments such as ramp, flight OPS and baggage services.

Cobalt provides the full spectrum of ground handling solutions at London Heathrow Airport. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Air France KLM Group and was formed in April 2009 from the merger of Air France Services and KLM Ground Services. It provides handling services for 15 different customer airlines and its 800 staff members deal with approximately 40 flights at LHR daily.

INFORM is a team of raised-in-industry ICT professionals who research, develop and deliver software solutions to improve airport and ground handling logistics operations. INFORM’s flagship suite of products GroundStar is used by over 50 organisations in more than 200 airports worldwide.