The solution’s scope will include the GS planning, GS rostering and GS RealTime systems, supported by wireless communications and along with GroundStar’s business intelligence system. The decision made by EGS follows a detailed analysis of the solutions available in the market and it is intended to increase the quality of the services provided to Egypt Air itself and over 200 other airlines that rely on EGS for their handling activities on the ramp.

The largest ground service provider in Egypt, and the first in Africa/Middle East and fifth in the worldwide ranking of the IATA Safety Audit for ground operations program (ISAGO) certificate, EGS counts with GroundStar to advance in its route of excellence and standardised, pro-active and integrated processes.

EGS has also obtained and implemented the AHM804 certificate to sustain and measure customer satisfaction. “We feel that the new system will be instrumental in the achievement of our ambitious goals. That is why we have put great care in ensuring that our selection of GroundStar is the best decision. The demonstrated capabilities of the system, the re-assuring range of their users worldwide and the professionalism of INFORM’s team have given us the level of comfort that we were looking for,” said Eng M Saad Khalaf, EGS’ IT director for communications and IT research. Eng Abd Elhamid M Eid, EGS’ chairman, added, “This project is a big added value and cost saving factor for us and will improve performance and efficiency of utilisation.”

Carlos Sanjuan, director of business development with INFORM said, “It is heartening to see that GroundStar is more and more widely recognised as the industry solution for efficient ground handling operations. Working with EGS is being a very motivating experience and we at INFORM are positive that the implementation of the solution in Cairo will prove EGS’s decision right.”