At Düsseldorf Airport the project covers a flight information processing system, an airport operational database (AODB) and a stands and terminal resources planning and management system.

INFORM’s GroundStar application will be used for the planning and real-time allocation of stands. The system matches aircraft and stand sizes, as well as multiple aircraft access stand and neighbouring restrictions. Terminal resources such as baggage-belts and check-in counters are then organised and managed using GroundStar’s support.

The GroundStar RealTime flight information processing system has been chosen by Düsseldorf Airport to provide comprehensive management of operational flight information, including scheduled, ad-hoc and code share flights. Düsseldorf Airport’s diverse information requirements will be centralised by the GroundStar AODB.

Its integrated message broker distributes real time information to the external sub-systems, such as FIDS, baggage control and information system airline interfaces, and many more. About 30 different system interfaces are built into the AODB.

Düsseldorf Airport ground handling signed a contract for the implementation of GS RealTime, GS rostering, GS planning as well as applications for reporting and business information, communication and quality control. The integrated system includes GS CRM modules such as contract management, service recording and billing software by topsystem. The GroundStar resource management system will support the planning, allocation and rostering of ramp and baggage deployment resources.