INFORM has been awarded a contract by Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras to implement its GroundStar (GS) solutions, GS Planning and GS WorkforcePlus. They create long-term, mid-term and short-term resource planning scenarios for staff and equipment, as well as generating work schedules.

The contract was the result of a cooperation between INFORM and Portia LAC, an optimisation solutions consultancy based in São Paulo, Brazil. Portia provides local support to INFORM’s Brazilian customers for greater cost efficiencies, offering implementation services, support services and being a channel for maintenance issues.

INFORM’s GS Planning can be applied to create long-term, mid-term and short-term resource planning scenarios for staff and equipment and improve assessment of flight schedule changes through “what-if” analyses. It optimises services across multiple areas, from customer services, gate services, passenger bus services and aircraft services, to aircraft movements, loading/unloading, baggage services, cargo, line maintenance, marshalling, crew transport and turnaround supervision.

GS WorkforcePlus is a powerful staff scheduling solution using a unique deduction system, which will enable Azul to automatically generate work schedules that reflect specific conditions and goals, as well as effectively address demand fluctuations. With GS WorkforcePlus, Azul acquires the core system including the system’s intelligent optimiser, a reporting database, as well as an employee portal that offers a team view and allows shift swaps as well as preference entries.

According to Azul’s Capacity and OCC Director, Daniel Tkacz: “Together, these two INFORM solutions will deliver important benefits for up to our 2,700 employees worldwide at a critical time when, like all airlines, we are focusing on a steady recovery from the pandemic.”

Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras operates approximately one-third of Brazil’s flights; an estimated 792 flights from 93 airports to over 100 destinations. Since the beginning of their operations in 2008, Azul has been the airline that has grown the most in Brazil.

Portia LAC Consultoria Ltda., founded in 2018 and based in São Paulo, aims to facilitate access to latest-generation software for Brazilian companies. The company provides best-practice services to operate the software, minimise upfront costs, and ensure early and sustainable returns.