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Winmate Embedded, Mobile and LCD Technologies for the Aviation Industry


Winmate provides liquid crystal displays (LCD), embedded computers and mobile technologies for the aviation industry.

The company has expanded its product line from touchscreens and industrial displays to include embedded panels, rugged and mobile tablet PCs, as well as digital signage.

Winmate focuses on solutions for niche markets, including mobile applications, logistics and geographic information systems (GIS).

Multi-touch panel PCs for the aviation industry

Multi-touch panel PCs offer superior features to standard industrial panel computers, such as edge-to-edge designs, higher performance, rugged construction and flexible mounting options.

The computers can be used for factory or building automation, point-of-information kiosks, human-machine interface (HMI), hospitality or air traffic control.

The new multi-touch HMI series supports the latest power over ethernet (PoE) standard IEEE 802.3 at 25W power input, making it ideal for companies aiming to increase their operational efficiencies, while reducing power consumption and cabling costs.

The completely sealed HMI devices feature front IP65 dust and water protection, an ultra-slim design to enable flexibility, and a range of I/O expansion ports to offer enhanced computing and communication.

Mobile rugged tablets

Since 2007, Winmate has developed a strong mobile profile with extensive experience in creating software, such as operating systems (OS), basic input / output systems (BIOS), drivers and firmware.

The company has provided board-level design, module integration, rugged housing and material, as well as thermal, RF / EMI and display panel / touch solutions.

Winmate currently offers various operating systems, such as Windows CE 6.0, Windows embedded handheld 6.5, Windows XP / 7 / 8 with x86 processors, and Android 4.2 with ARM processors.

The company’s previous experience with touch-panel PCs has made it particularly strong in the display panel selection. It delivers high-brightness enhancement, transflective sunlight readable technology, and solutions offering projective capacitive, resistive touch.

Vehicle-mounted computers for heavy-duty vehicles

The FM08 and FM10 vehicle-mounted computers share the same system and docking modules, but different in keypad display and screen sizes.

The FM08 enables flexible navigation via its readily accessible programmable function keys, GFG-resistive touchscreen, and separate numeric and QWERTY keypads.

This vehicle-mounted computer is built for warehouse environments, and designed to fit seamlessly into heavy-duty vehicles, such as forklifts.

Digital signage panel PC

The Winmate Digital Signage PPC with Intel Core i3 Processor Series features a large display and a PC module that complies with open pluggable specification (OPS) requirements.

Unlike standard digital signage, the OPS PPC has less external cables that facilitate installation, and a low space requirement to enhance flexibility. Data can easily be updated by removing modules from the display.

OPS-compliant modules for digital signage players

Winmate provides a digital signage player that offers several processor options, and complies with standard OPS architecture to deliver lower installation cost and easier maintenance, upgrading, system management and deployment.

The company’s OPS Signage Panel PC fits into various applications, ranging from broadcasting content playback and video surveillance to interactive timetable and information stands.

Rugged, industrial-grade panel PCs

The Winmate rugged, industrial-grade Panel PC series is built to withstand challenging environments, and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure top performance and safety.

All of the models in the series are sealed to at least IP65 standards, and some is sealed to IP67.

G-WIN industrial panel computers

Winmate’s G-WIN series extends the range of standard industrial panel computers with a series of compact designs that can stand up to extreme abuse while delivering superior viewing ability, targeted performance, and flexible mounting options in both stationary and vehicular applications.

This product line complies with MIL-STD 810 & IEC 60068-2-27 for shock and vibration test.

Testing for rugged computing solutions

Winmate strives to meet and exceed customer requirements through innovative technology and operational excellence. The company’s dynamic engineering design services are based on extensive experience in building rugged embedded and mobile solutions.

Winmate has invested heavily in its state-of-the-art testing facility to achieve high standards of product reliability and ruggedness. The company’s in-house capabilities include vibration, free drop and thermal tests, as well as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) evaluation.

Rigorous testing allows Winmate to provide the shortest possible product development cycle.

About Winmate

Winmate has long-term partners throughout North and South America, and Europe, in order to provide customer service and continual growth.

The company’s headquarters, research and development (R&D) facility and two production lines are located in Taipei, Taiwan.

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