Elenium Automation - Airport Technology
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Elenium Automation

Self-Service Check-In Solutions for the Airport Sector


Elenium Automation provides customised passenger and baggage automation systems.

The company’s hardware and software-integrated products provide airports and airlines control over the end-to-end flight boarding experience.

Bag drop solutions

Whether clients want to create a completely automatic system or help their customers to check-in, Elenium customises its services to meet airlines’ business requirements.

The company will support its clients with reconciliation services, radio frequency identification (RFID) and active / inactive tags, as well as one and two-step drops, hand scanners and fully automated systems.

Automated boarding gates

Elenium provides mobile and automated boarding gates that are capable of validating passengers in less than 30ms, enabling faster flight turnarounds.

The company also provides clients with boarded passenger reconciliation, load and balance information, manifest reports, and boarding performance analytics to help enhance passenger satisfaction.

Portable and fixed kiosks

Elenium kiosks are part of our suite of self-service technologies built to ensure a superior passenger experience, whilst delivering flexibility to airports and airlines at the check-in hall.

Designed for both form and function, our fixed or portable kiosks deliver a minimal footprint, along with the full functionality expected in today’s airport, with no compromise.

Intelligent data and customised app for passengers

Elenium’s suite of products is complimented by intelligent data that informs customers of delays caused by weather and mechanical issues.

The company’s customisable app provides booking management, real-time information and ancillary services via mobile to maintain passenger satisfaction and reduce costs caused by potential issues.

Check-in application for flight bookings

Elenium provides self-tagging, seat selection, loyalty programmes, and rebooking services with ancillary revenues.

Its check-in application is adapted to meet native, IATA CUSS 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 requirements.

Mobile service desk for booking management

Elenium’s roving agent solution allows clients to check-in, manage bookings and handle ancillary revenues online via Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Ancillary revenues for airlines

Elenium recognises that getting passengers to upgrade, dine or feel special through loyalty programmes is key when creating a great brand and bringing in additional revenues.

Integrating ancillary services with client’s distributed control systems (DCS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) allows them to offer additional baggage, on-board meals, upgrades, seat selection options, loyalty programmes and payment systems.

System monitoring, consultancy services and project management

Elenium has a unique, tested framework to carry out robust and complex software projects, which is in line with its aim to provide quick development, efficiency and cost savings.

The company monitors systems, and provides on-site consultants and project management services to meet clients’ requirements.

Elenium is ready to help and assist clients with their desired solution, which is delivered on-time and on-budget.

About Elenium

Elenium Automation ensures all systems used in the check-in process are secure, effective, efficient and agile.

The company helps clients to quickly predict their customers’ requirements, and provides cutting-edge solutions that integrate into existing technology, while considering immediate and future needs.

Elenium is versatile and has extensive expertise in a wide range of platforms and languages.


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