FOD*BOSS sweeping operations can be tracked and logged using an app, which can also transfer the data to a secure login database.

It allows you to watch live as you sweep your airfield to see where you have and have not swept. At the end of your FOD*BOSS sweep, your data is transferred to a secure login account so you can monitor, compare and share your data.

The app has been created for use in conjunction with the FOD*BOSS airfield sweeping system. This app will allow you to track, in real-time via Google mapping, the sweeping of the airfield. At the end of the sweep, it will provide full details of the sweep track, date, time, area covered and foreign object debris (FOD) recovered during the sweep (manually imputed).

You should download the app through your device’s app store and follow the online instructions. It is always a good idea prior to downloading the new and improved app, to remove any pre-existing FOD*BOSS app.

After the download, select the FOD*BOSS app icon, which should take you to the login screen.

  • Existing Login: Fill in email address and password to take you to the home screen.
  • Forgot Password: Fill in email contact and select forgot password and an email will be sent for temporary access. Once you have entered the home screen your password can be reset under profile page.
  • New User: Select forgot password without email address. You will be then prompted for an email ID. As per above, a temporary ID will be provided to allow log-in. Once you have entered the home screen your password can be reset under profile page.

Once logged in, the app will open at the home screen where you have a series of choices along the bottom. The ‘New Sweep’ page is selected by default.

You have four options to choose from:

  • Single Sweeper: This sets your sweep width at 2.4m (8ft). Any distance covered during your sweeps, and all calculations are based on this measurement.
  • Duplex Sweeper: This sets your sweep width at 4.8m (16ft). Any distance covered during your sweeps, and all calculations are based on this measurement.
  • Triplex Sweeper: This sets your sweep width at 7.2m (24ft). Any distance covered during your sweeps, and all calculations are based on this measurement.
  • Fod Walk: This sets your sweep width at 2.4m (8ft). Any distance covered during your FOD walks, and all calculations are based on this measurement.

Two choices are available for the setting of measurement, imperial or metric. Once a selection is made, there is no need to change for future sweeps.

Simply select your preferred option, which will then be highlighted, then move to the next screen.

The history page has a number of functions that provide detailed analysis of sweeps.

Each sweep is listed in order by date, the latest being at the top of the page. Details  include:

  • Date and time of the sweep
  • Distance covered
  • Debris logged
  • FOD recovered per area
  • Coverage of the sweep

By pressing and holding any of the sweeps, selection boxes appear at the side, where two sweeps can be compared in a matrix list.

Share all data by multimedia option is also available on the page. You can share total history through a number of sources, including email. Data is transferred as a CSV file for Excel.

The profile page allows information such as name, email address, phone number to be updated.

Further down, you can also change your password details. It is important to press save at the top right hand of the screen.

The logout page has two sections of no or yes. Once yes is selected the app will close saving all changes.

To start your first sweep, from the home screen, select sweeper size, either Single, Duplex, Triplex or FOD Walk.

A page should appear with a map, along with your immediate location as a blue dot. If not, select the bullseye, which will centralise your location. The map can be zoomed in or out. When you are ready, select start and start your sweep.

The map will start to log your track and be displayed in real time on the screen. You can see where you have swept, to ensure all areas are covered.

This screen will also provide you with distance and sweep time, along with GPS signal strength.

Once the sweep is completed, select done on the screen, confirm, and the sweep is saved, confirmed by the app taking you to the history window.

FOD recovered is entered in this screen. Select the up arrow, which will expand the sweep data window. Add debris in whole figures only.

Once the FOD is entered, select from the menu along the bottom of the screen for your next action. The sweep will now appear in history and can be compared or shared as per previous instructions.

At Aerosweep, through The FOD*BOSS, we are committed to ensure Aerodrome staff has the best products to ensure FOD reduction is efficiently maintained, ensuring safe air travel.

FOD presents a major risk to aircraft. Metallic and non-metallic objects pose serious hazards on runways, taxiways, and ramps at airports and airfields, and cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Stones, nuts and bolts, nails, sand, pieces of pavement, and luggage hardware can cause serious, and even catastrophic, damage to aircraft. Aerosweep has just the solution to sweep up and remove FOD, with its patented FOD sweeper.

Aerosweep Pty Ltd invented the FOD*BOSS is 1994, but its history of developing speed sweeping solutions goes back more than 30 years. In 2002, it won the Aviation Safety Foundation of Australia’s certificate of air safety award for this innovative product. The company’s product has been adapted for use with road construction projects, military operations, racetracks, and in general aviation.

The FOD*BOSS App is another way of demonstrating this commitment with an investment in a free app to ensure FOD recovery is tracked and logged for the future.