The FOD*BOSS is an innovative and highly effective means of removing foreign object and debris (FOD) from airport runways and tarmac areas.

FOD is extremely dangerous to aircraft, as it can be drawn into jet engines or chip propellers, leading to metal fatigue, ultimately resulting in a dangerous failure.

Our product removes rocks, metallic and non-metallic objects, luggage hardware and even sand, in wet or dry conditions. FOD*BOSS is quick, around half the time of a traditional vacuum or rotary sweeper, and far more effective in the removal of FOD without the need for specialised training. The system can be upgraded to duplex or triplex systems further reducing time spent sweeping.

Utilising our free app, the system can then be incorporated into your safety maintenance programme for regular sweeps of your airfield.

Track and log your FOD*BOSS sweeping operations with the new FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker iOS and Android app. The Ultimate FOD*BOSS App uses GPS technology to track your FOD sweep. Watch the FODsweeplive to increase the efficiency of FOD collection.

Information provided, includes detailing sweep frequencies and amount of FOD collected during each sweep for future reference.

FOD*BOSS has a FOD capture rate of 99% and is provided with a ten-year and money back guarantee. It operates at speeds ranging from 5km/h to 55km/h and has no ongoing maintenance with an expected life expectancy of 7,000km².

FOD*BOSS has been used in numerous military and civilian locations around the world and a host of other resources. FOD*BOSS is also Australian made and manufactured with the highest quality of hardware available.

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