NoiseDesk from Brüel & Kjær: Airport Noise Made Easy

A key challenge facing all airports is how to grow whilst keeping control of noise impact and managing community expectations.

With the demand for aviation continuing to grow, it is regional airports that will supply the bulk of the future growth and they have the added challenge of needing to manage the issues with very limited resources.

To help take on this challenge, Brüel & Kjær has launched NoiseDesk specifically to manage airport noise in an intuitive way that doesn’t require specific airport noise expertise, simplifying the task for regional airports and enabling more sustainable growth.

NoiseDesk has made full use of Brüel & Kjær’s 40 years of experience as market leader for airport noise monitoring systems to produce an expert system that guides the user through the workflow of managing issues like track keeping, noise limits, complaint handling and noise compliance.

Delivered as a web-based service, NoiseDesk leaves the airport free to manage the noise issues without having to manage the technology around the noise monitoring system.

Using the underlying technology of the flagship application, ANOMS, NoiseDesk delivers high quality processing through an intuitive interface providing regional airports with an efficient and effective noise management programme.

You can see NoiseDesk in November at ACI Airport Exchange in Abu Dhabi and at a range of other airport conferences worldwide into 2012. If you can’t wait, please contact your local Brüel & Kjær representative to find out more about it.





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