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Coronavirus in Malaysia: COVID-19 outbreak, measures and impact

As the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Japan are taking coronavirus response measures and steps to reduce impact on their economic growth.

Coronavirus in Thailand: dealing with the 2019-nCoV (COVID-19) outbreak and impact

Thailand was dealing with the third-highest number of confirmed coronavirus infection cases after China and Singapore, within four weeks of reporting its first confirmed case of the COVID-19.

Coronavirus in Philippines: The COVID-19 risk, impact and measures

Philippines, one of the high-risk countries from the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, recorded the first death outside China. The government has announced lock-down of Metro Manila, followed by the entire Luzon island and is mulling over more localised lock-downs. The Philippines government declared a state of calamity in the country for six months on 17 March.

COVID-19 in Iran: Coronavirus outbreak, measures and impact

The Islamic Republic of Iran was the first Middle East country to report a death due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus in Japan: COVID-19 updates, measures and impact

Japan’s coronavirus numbers are on the rise even as the government continues to implement safety measures.

Coronavirus: COVID-19 UK outbreak, measures and impact

The UK confirmed its first 2019-nCoV (now COVID-19) infection case, following France and Germany, on 31 January 2020 and has since then been witnessing an increase in the coronavirus cases.

COVID-19 in the Middle East: Coronavirus-affected countries

Covid-19 is the second coronavirus outbreak that affects the Middle East, following the MERS-CoV reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012. United Arab Emirates (UAE) was the first Middle East country to report a coronavirus-positive case, following the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in China.

Coronavirus in Singapore: COVID-19 measures and impact

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19, earlier 2019-nCov) that originated in China has spread to Singapore and is a major concern to its economy in 2020.

Coronavirus outbreak: safety measures at major international airports

Following preventive safety measures by some of the major and busiest international airports to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) after its outbreak in Wuhan, China, many others initiated similar steps. The coronavirus has spread to 77 more countries in a month, inviting border closures and health emergencies declared by a number of countries.

Coronavirus in Italy: Outbreak, measures and impact

Italy, a member state of the European Union and a popular tourist destination, joined the list of coronavirus-affected countries on 30 January when two COVID-19 positive cases were reported in Chinese tourists.