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Jorge Chavez Airport Expansion to Begin in Early 2012

Expansion work at Peruvian capital Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport will begin in early 2012. The work will involve building a second passenger terminal and adding a new landing strip. Concessionaire Lima Airport Partners (LAP) is carrying out the project, which

Radiation Detection: Helsinki Airport Leads the way

The threat of radiation contamination has put the spotlight on airport detection systems as a frontline of defence. Frances Cook speaks to leading detection technology specialist Environics about a new fixed system soon to be implemented at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Future Airport Awards Voting Set to Open

Voting for the Future Airport Awards is set to open next week, celebrating the best and the brightest in the aviation industry. This is your chance to champion the greatest achievements of

Filling Up: Airline Fuel Management

As global oil reserves start to dwindle, the increasing cost of fuel is putting pressure on the world’s airlines. But as Chris Lo finds out, effective fuel management and the development of new alternatives bring hope for a sustainable future, both environmentally and financially.

High Density Airspace – Cleared for Landing?

Initiatives to boost en-route air traffic capacity will come to nothing without an increase in airport throughput. Guy Richards reports on the concepts and technologies aimed at breaching the ever growing divide between airport capacity and demand.

Damaged A380 Withdraws as Airbus Momentum Continues

The Airbus A380 damaged at the Paris Air Show on Monday will take no further part in demonstrations and has been withdrawn from the show. The model of the world’s largest jetliner clipped a building at Le Bourget Airport and damaged its wingtip. Airbus did recover some presti

European Airports Restart Normal Operations as Ash Cloud Disperses

European flights are operating as normal after volcanic ash from an Icelandic volcano, which had threatened to cause widespread cancellations, dispersed. According to Eurocontrol, no significant disruptions of air traffic are expected in Europe in over the next few days as a result of

German Airports Reopen After Ash Cloud Dissipates

Airports in northern Germany have started to reopen as ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano eruption dissipates. Germany’s air traffic control agency DFS said that Bremen airport resumed flights at 1100 local time, and scheduled Hamburg Airport to re-open at noon (1000GMT) and Berlin a

Rwanda to Upgrade Kigali Airport

The Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced plans to upgrade parts of the Kigali International Airport (KIA). The $14m project involves building more airport facilities including escalators and lifts, the extension and separation of terminals for departure and arrival as we

Ghana Unveils Tamale Airport Upgrade Plan

The Ghana Airport Company (GACL) has revealed that Tamale Airport will soon be upgraded into an international airport. The project is estimated to cost about $150m and would be carried out in phases depending on the availability of the funds. The work will include widening and ext