AIR June 2017

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According to reports, US President Donald Trump is in favour of privatising the US air traffic control system. Some airline executives believe removing ATC operations from the Federal Aviation Administration could breathe new life into the sector. We find out whether this is likely to happen, and investigate the arguments for and against privatisation.

In passenger service developments, we take a look at some of the world’s most customer-friendly airports and examine Australia’s plan to replace paper ID with biometric technology that recognises faces, irises and fingerprints.

We also learn more about a new Australasian industry group that aims to advocate public policy issues in the aviation sector, take a closer look at the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking, which is developing technologies to reduce emissions and noise levels from aircraft, and find out what happens to airports after they reach their useful end of life.

In this issue

The Privatisation Push
Amidst the confusion and chaos consuming present-day Washington, D.C., proponents of a privatised air traffic control system hope one part of Donald Trump’s proposed FY2018 budget will weather the storm. Jerome Greer Chandler reports.
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Tackling Airport Taxes
Australia’s four biggest airports collected AUS$1.57bn from airlines and passengers over the last 10 years, prompting the formation of a new industry group which aims to lobby governments and regulators on issues including airports, fees and infrastructure. Eva Grey reports.
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Biometric Airport Checks
Australia’s border authorities have announced an ambitious plan to roll out biometric identification across their international airports by 2020. Eva Grey finds out how the country plans to process travellers via a completely unmanned system that uses fingerprints, iris and facial recognition.
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At Your Service
Airports Council International has revealed the latest results of its annual Airport Service Quality Awards, recognising the most customer-friendly airports around the world. Gary Peters reports.
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Autonomous Airport Transfers
The Navya Arma, an electric and driverless shuttle, is preparing to hit the tarmac at Christchurch International Airport in New Zealand. Airport Industry Review caught up with Henri Coron of Navya to find out more about the autonomous vehicle.
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A Cleaner Sky
The Clean Sky Joint Undertaking is one of the largest European research programmes, developing new technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and noise produced by aircraft. Gary Peters takes a closer look.
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A New Life
Once the flurry of planes and passengers dies down, airports sometimes slip into disrepair. However, with a bit of imagination and investment, the remains can be turned into social or conservation spaces. Eva Grey takes a look at some redevelopment projects.
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Next issue preview

The race is on to find cheaper and cleaner sources of fuel to power airplanes. From grass to kitchen oil, we round up the most inventive and eco-friendly initiatives to power tomorrow’s planes.

We also take a look at Oslo Airport’s recent large-scale expansion, which is the world’s first terminal to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating under the BREEAM sustainable design system, investigate
the need for more capacity in Sydney after the government announced plans for a second international airport in the city, and find out more about a novel idea for a circular runway.

Finally, we look at some of the arguments for and against privatising Canada’s biggest airports, and examine new technology systems on offer worldwide to refine how the baggage handling process works.

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