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15 November 2017
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White Papers

DAMM’s TetraFlex® Solution for Airports
A TETRA network provides secure and reliable mission-critical voice and data communications to ensure seamlessly integrated workflow management throughout airport, airline and air cargo operations.

Aviaco: Supplier of Used and Refurbished GSE and Rental Solutions
After being a well-known GSE provider in the aviation sector for decades, Aviaco is now one of the largest companies in the world, currently supplying used and refurbished ground support equipment (GSE) for the aviation sector in more than 90 countries across the world.

Consulting and Software for Airports
This white paper provides further information about airport-pro's Disposition and Simulation Tool (DISPO), which has been developed and validated within the last ten years to meet airport requirements.

400Hz Ground Power Solutions
Our missing at MCM Engineering is to help our customers succeed by providing the highest quality engineered systems, products and services the 400Hz Ground Power industry has to offer.

Integrated Air Traffic Management Solutions and Services
NAVCANatm is a leading line of integrated air traffic management products, applications and services operationally deployed at over 80 sites worldwide for safe, efficient and cost-effective air traffic management.

Press Releases

Myanmar Completes AIM Modernisation Roadmap with COMSOFT Solutions and Frequentis
The Department of Civil Aviation of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (DCA Myanmar) has now completed its planned ICAO AIS to AIM roadmap modernisation by installing the COMSOFT Solutions AIM system and Frequentis SmartCharting tool. 

Rockwell Collins’ Passenger Processing Platform Deployed at Maldives’ Airports
Velana International Airport and Gan International Airport in the Maldives are now using Rockwell Collins’ ARINC vMUSE™ Common Use Passenger Processing System to help speed-up check-ins for passengers and boost operations.

Air Traffic Management Industry Must Take Advantage of New Technologies to Improve Safety
CANSO has called for the air traffic management (ATM) industry to take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies to improve aviation safety.

Successful Auto Bag Drop Goes Live at Munich Airport T1
Munich Airport has confirmed that two of ICM’s next-generation Series 7 Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units would be installed for trial at Terminal 1. 

G&D Intensifies Commitment to Asia
In order to further strengthen their activities in the Asian market and to better meet the needs of customers in the Asian region, Guntermann & Drunck now work with a new sales agent in Taipei (Taiwan).


Should green bonds be used to finance airport projects?
Orlando International Airport is due to become the second in the world to finance part of its expansion using bonds that, while not labelled green as such, fit in a category where they can be used for projects capable of meeting climate change targets. While its commitment is laudable, should climate bonds be used to support airports given aviation’s status as a significant polluter?

Huawei’s new smart trolley will guide, inform and entertain
Passengers flying through one of China’s main airports can soon expect to use the Chigoo cTrolley, a multilingual smart airport luggage carrier that provides indoor navigation, real-time flight inquiries and entertainment.

September’s top stories: London Stansted calls for aviation strategy, Siemens to modernise baggage handling
London Stansted CEO calls for new aviation strategy for UK airports, and Siemens to modernise baggage handling systems at airports in Greece. wraps up key headlines from September 2017.

Airport Industry Review: Issue 25
In this issue: The economic argument for airport expansions, how airlines cope with extreme weather conditions, new gate delivery services being tested in the US, mobility solutions in airports, detecting counterfeit medicines, and more.

Is remote baggage drop-off the next big travel innovation?
Baggage handling innovations score high on the priority list for airports and airlines around the world, and one service is shaping up to become a potential passenger favourite. Can off-airport baggage check-in become the future of hassle-free flying?


Edinburgh Airport, Scotland
Edinburgh Airport opened in 1977 and is Scotland's capital airport. It is the sixth busiest airport in the UK and connects to more than 110 international destinations.

LaGuardia International Airport Redevelopment Project, New York
LaGuardia International Airport in New York, US, is currently undergoing the LGA Redevelopment Programme to provide world-class airport facilities for passengers and airlines.

Entebbe International Airport Expansion
The main airport in Uganda, Entebbe International Airport, is currently undergoing an expansion development in order to address the country's growing passenger and cargo traffic.

Kastelli International Airport
Kastelli International Airport is being constructed on the Island of Crete, Greece, by Ariadne Airport Group, a consortium of Greek firm Gek Terna and Indian company GMR Airports.

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Expansion
Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), the main airport in Hong Kong, has been experiencing significant growth rates in passenger and cargo traffic and aircraft movements in the past decade.

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