Vision-Box to deliver contactless passenger clearance processes at Australian airports

Vision-Box has signed a contract with the Australian Government to implement the world’s first automated ‘contactless’ traveller clearance processes at the country's airports.

The contactless processes will be made available to passengers arriving at all Australian international airports.

The three-year contract will build on the scope of the Seamless Traveller programme and expand the company’s business in the country.

Vision-Box CEO and co-founder Miguel Leitmann said: “This contract represents an unparalleled milestone in the history of automation at the border since it is the first time a government will implement biometric identification through contactless services.

“We are permanently investing in research and development (R&D) to bring innovation at the service of more secure and frictionless border control solutions.”

"This contract represents an unparalleled milestone in the history of automation at the border."

Under the terms of the deal, Vision-Box will provide modern automated border control passenger processing technology to the airports.

The latest technology will enable the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection to collect and verify biometric data from all passengers arriving at international airports.

In addition, the company will provide a new capability that will allow known passengers to pass the border using facial recognition technology, without requiring a passport.

In 2015, the government contracted the company to install biometric SmartGates at the country's airports.

Image: Vision-Box’s automated contactless traveller clearance process. Photo: courtesy of Vision-Box.