CANARD Drones wins PAPI calibration contract from Spain’s Aena

CANARD Drones has secured a contract from Spanish airport operator Aena for carrying out the inspection and calibration of precision approach path indicator (PAPI) navigation aid (NavAid) systems at seven airports.

The contract involves the deployment of drone technology for the inspection of the systems.

Located near the runway header, the PAPI assists pilots by providing guidance information needed for obtaining and maintaining the correct angle of approach during landing.

Aimed at ensuring safe landing of flights by mitigating the occurrence of accidents in the approach and landing phases, the use of NavAids is said to be prevalent in airports around the world.

CANARD Drones director general Jorge Gomez said: “The use of drones for flight inspection is revolutionary for the air transport industry.

"The use of drones for flight inspection is revolutionary for the air transport industry."

“Our drones offer airports the opportunity to do more and better inspections of the PAPI, as well as reducing or eliminating the need for manned flights. We are working closely with international civil aviation authorities and airport managers to bring our technology to airports around the world.”

The company selected the drone technology to offset the vulnerability of manned aircraft and offer autonomous and repeatable flights with improved accuracy.

Drones are also said to eliminate the impact of manned inspection flights on runway availability.