X-Ray Security Screening


Optosecurity provides airports with integrated software solutions dedicated to optimising security checkpoint operations.

We are behind the world's first and most deployed remote screening solution of its kind. Our products' unique capabilities and our unparallelled expertise allow us to help airports to reduce operating costs, increase passenger throughput and improve security.

Optosecurity's advanced technologies redefine passenger screening standards. We help first-tier airports reach the highest levels of performance in the industry, and we provide lower throughput airports with solutions to optimise existing resources.

Leaders in next-generation detection of physical threats, we also help security operators worldwide to meet rising security requirements with enhanced capabilities, such as risk-based screening, auto clear, liquid threat detection, and improved screening performance.

eVelocity: premium remote screening software

eVelocity is the world's most deployed remote screening solution dedicated to airport security checkpoints. Having screened more than 40 million passengers and being used on more than 150 lanes, it offers unique capabilities to airports worldwide.

Completely agnostic and compatible with most major industry suppliers, it elevates the performance of screening equipment and security infrastructures to the highest levels. eVelocity allows airports to improve security and passenger experience, significantly increases passenger throughput, reduce operational and capital expenses, and enhance management capabilities.

eDashboard: monitoring and reporting tool

Complementing the eVelocity software suite, the eDashboard allows airports to monitor the performance of security checkpoints in real-time. The tool integrates data acquired from X-ray systems, trace detection, and walk-through metal detectors to provide security operators with a clear portrait of their operations and to enhance the workforce management process. The eDashboard offers comprehensive search and reporting options and is accessible from any networked device.

eXplorer: data archive and regulatory compliance

Offered as part of the eVelocity software suite, the eXplorer eases the access to historical data by storing all processed X-ray images, tray pictures, and information such as item status (clear, threat, unprocessed). This allows airports to review data in a simple summary format based on a wide range of criteria, including date, location, RFID tag, screener, TIP and threats. Access to such data is highly valuable to security operators as it facilitates regulatory compliance.

Optoscreener: automated checkpoint threat detection

The Optoscreener allows existing X-ray systems to automatically detect liquid explosives and threats, bottles, firearms, and firearms parts. Intuitive, it complements the security operators' work by enabling the consistent processing of items in real-time, without impacting passenger throughput.

The Optoscreener is a certified EU Standard 2 Type C Liquid Explosive Detection System (LEDS) and EU Type C LEDS on multiple platforms. It is compatible with both single-view and multi-view X-ray systems and is easily deployed.

About Optosecurity

Headquartered in Canada and with offices in US and the Netherlands, Optosecurity focuses on providing the transportation and critical infrastructure industries with innovative integrated security solutions. Arising from the National Optics Institute of Canada in 2003, the company has since deployed its solutions in locations worldwide, including Belgium, France, the UK, Australia and Canada.

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