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Airfield Ground Lighting Products and Solutions

Airfield Ground, trading under the UK-based Friars Marketing Limited umbrella, are a leading global distributor for all airfield ground lighting (AGL) products and solutions.

We are recognised as a market leader for the supply of all CAA CAP168, ICAO, FAA and JSP 554 airfield ground lighting products and solutions. We are a major supplier of Osram airfield lamps, backed by one of the widest product ranges available.

Partnering with a well-established airfield installation company enables us to offer services from the supply of airfield equipment and spares to project management of total turnkey systems installation packages.

Airfield lamps

We supply every type of European and American airfield lamp used in current and obsolete fittings. Our product range contains Osram, Philips, Vosla, Narva, GE, Sylvania, Radium and Genesis airfield PK30d lamps, airfield cold beam reflector lamps, airfield single and double-ended lamps, airfield tungsten halogen lamps, airfield IRC lamps, airfield PAR lamps and airfield Xenophot lamps.

Solar LED airfield lighting

We are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributors for the Carmanah Technologies range of solar airfield LED lighting. Carmanah solar airfield lights are self-contained, portable airfield lighting solutions that offer unprecedented flexibility, which can be deployed and repositioned in a matter of minutes. These solar lights are used by military, civil and regional airports worldwide; they can function in environments from desert conditions to below-freezing temperatures.

The current solar airfield lighting range includes:

  • Carmanah A650 Solar Aviation Taxiway Obstruction Light
  • Carmanah A704 Solar Aviation Wireless Light
  • Carmanah ERGL Solar LED Runway Guard Light System
  • Carmanah Solar LED Sign System
  • Carmanah PAPI Solar Precision Approach Path Indicator
  • Carmanah Solar LED Wind Cone System
  • Carmanah ARCAL digital radio control
  • Carmanah OL2A Solar Marking Light
  • Carmanah OL4 Solar Hazard Marker Light
  • Carmanah OL32 Solar Obstruction Light
  • Carmanah OL800 Solar Obstruction Light
  • Carmanah OL2000 Solar Obstruction Light

Airfield and helipad obstruction lighting and beacons

We offer a complete range of airfield and helipad obstruction lighting, airfield rotating beacons and airfield identification beacons, complemented by the latest LED, infrared and solar versions. The units we offer can also be used at airfield control towers, wind farms, met masts, television and radio masts, oil platforms, cranes and high-rise buildings.

Lighting for airfield aprons, taxiways, runways and helipads

We supply the complete range of both inset and elevated light fittings and spares from ADB Airfield Solutions, ATG Airports, Idman and Thorn. Our range includes tungsten halogen, LED and solar versions. We also offer airfield retro-reflective edge markers (Linlaners) in place of blue taxiway edge lights.

Airfield cables, connector kits and heat-shrink joint kits

Our extensive range of airfield cable, airfield primary and secondary connector kits and airfield heat-shrink joint kits for both civil and military use, including: primary shielded and unshielded airfield cable, two-core secondary airfield cable, secondary single-core AWG, multi-core control cable (50VDC), HV cable (and joints), primary and secondary connector kits, moulded pre-cut airfield secondary leads and airfield heat-shrink joint kits.

Airfield runway and taxiway guidance signs

We design and manufacture a complete range of airfield runway and taxiway guidance signs including: illuminated tungsten halogen airfield signs, illuminated LED airfield signs, illuminated solar LED airfield sigs, illuminated airfield runway distance markers (IRDM), illuminated airfield runway arrestor gear marker (RHAG marker / moon board), retro reflective (non illuminated) airfield signs. We also reface existing signs, either for change of use or maintenance.

Airfield isolating transformers

We supply ADB, Amerace and EFLA series isolating transformers, we also supply airfield TSR transformers, airfield switching transformers airfield TISE and TIPE transformers.

Current control and constant current regulators (CCR)

A full range of airfield constant current regulators (CCR) are available, including the latest rack mounted or stand alone units, digitally controlled, microprocessor, remote control and sine wave versions.

Airfield wind direction indicators, windsocks and wind cones

We supply conventional illuminated, solar-powered illuminated and non-illuminated wind direction indicators to airports, flying clubs, shipping ports, helipads, oil platforms and commercial installations.

Airfield PAPI, inclinometer and sighting device calibration

We provide PAPI clinometers (clino), PAPI platform and airfield sighting device calibration and repair service. We have also invested in our own RE optical bench for RE projector calibration, which can be carried out on-site or at our own premises. We also offer new RE clino's.

Airfield ancillary products

Our portfolio of products also consists of a vast amount of ancillary products to airports worldwide, including tripod stands (three point ground fix castings), frangible couplings, anchor bolts, lamp holders, thyristors, power transformers, PCB boards, seating pots (shallow bases), adapter rings, terminal block assembly, film disc cut outs, LED signal light gun (signalling lantern), levelling devices (clinometers), installation jigs, glass domes, O ring gaskets and prism gaskets.

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Airfield Lighting Services 29 May 2012 Airfield Ground supply a complete range of airfield obstruction lights, complemented by the latest LED versions, covering all applications, including airports, heliports, high buildings, bridges, masts and cooling towers.


Airfield Ground Products 29 May 2012 Airfield Ground primary connector kits are designed for a detachable watertight connection between the series airfield lighting cable and the primary winding of the airfield series winding isolating transformer. The connectors permit fast mounting on site without prior study of cable lengths.