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Airfield Lighting Equipment and Tools

Airfield lighting, passenger terminals, baggage handling

After many years of airfield lighting contracting, FB Technology sold its contracting activity in 1999 to concentrate on developing innovative airfield ground lighting (AGL) products.

FB Technology was integrated in the ALPHA-CIM group on April 2008 and is now able to provide a wider range of airport systems, from airfield lighting to passenger terminals and baggage handling control systems.

Our goal at FB Technology is to provide airport authorities and airfield lighting teams with equipment and tools that will considerably reduce and improve their maintenance tasks focusing on:

  • Airfield lighting photometry and calibration, either mobile on-site or static in a workshop
  • Low maintenance or maintenance free fittings
  • LED technology on airport taxiways
  • Airport lighting systems

All our products are compliant with ICAO, FAA and French DGAC standards and our references are prestigious.

Airfield lighting products

FB Technology produces the traditional range of airfield lighting products from light fittings to CCRs and control systems. The range includes the following innovations.

Mobile photometric measurement system: photometric airfield calibration (PAC)

PAC is a system for measuring the luminous intensity of airfield lights at 50km/h with real-time identification by a DGPS system (runways and taxiways, and edge and inset lights).

PAC provides a preventive maintenance system for runway lights. The lighting of CAT II and III runways has to be regularly monitored (ICAO Annex 14 and FAA AC 150/5340-26A) to ensure that all fittings meet ICAO or FAA standards.

The mobile photometric measurement system is an efficient and reliable tool for quick measurement and assessment of the status of runways and taxiways with user-friendly HMI and lightweight equipment.

PAC reports give an overview of the installation with specific report sheets for action on faulty fittings. Recording of measurement reports provides a historical database of the airfield lighting system.

PAC can be easily installed on any type of vehicle.

Workshop photometric control: PAC Lab

PAC Lab provides all the facilities for photometric control of all the AGL inset and elevated lights in the workshop. Hence the maintenance team is able to recognise the characteristics of the lights after refurbishment and for test purposes.

The system provides results in compliance with the ICAO / FAA standards to ensure that the fittings meet the international requirements. It is placed inside a dark room and uses a central unit for monitoring the process.

LED technology for taxiway edges: FBT-LLS

FB Technology manufactures a revolutionary system of lighting allowing the bulbs lifetimes of up to 80,000 hours. The FBT-LLS design is a plug-and-play system for taxiway edges. 210 units have been in constant operation since September 1999 at Stockholm Bromma Airport in Sweden. Advantages include:

  • No maintenance
  • Very low consumption - 10W
  • No requirement for changing or modifying the AFL primary circuits
  • No interference on the CCR with its special integrated converter
  • Various steps of intensity (as per airport requirement)
  • FAA approved: 073085-1, February 10, 2003

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