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CAD Software for Airside Design, Planning and Operations

For over 20 years, Transoft Solutions has developed innovative CAD traffic engineering software for transportation, civil, and architectural engineering professionals worldwide. Transoft Solutions is part of the Autodesk and Bentley's developer's network and our products function within these major CAD platforms.

Transoft Solutions' suite of CAD applications has become the de-facto standard of many Top Design Firms, Road Administrations and Airport Authorities in more than 100 countries.

Airport engineers and consultants rely on Transoft Solutions' software suite for carrying out aircraft turn simulations and swept path analysis to evaluate 2D and 3D spatial requirements at stands, aprons, taxiways, runways and other airport facilities.

Transoft Solutions is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. To better service its global clients, Transoft has established offices in Sweden, The Netherlands and Australia, along with a network of dedicated value added resellers.

AviPLAN™ - Empowering Aviation Planners

With renowned market-leading technology at its core, AviPLAN delivers a unique feature-set tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by today's airside planning, design and operations professionals.

The culmination of in-house airport planning knowledge as well as feedback from experienced planners from all corners of the globe, AviPLAN functionality is focused on two primary areas; aircraft maneuver simulation and stand planning. This makes the software a dependable tool for analyzing aircraft and support vehicle movements on airport aprons and taxiways, planning aircraft parking positions, assessing stand clearances and jet blast impacts, simulating complex pushback maneuvers and more.

AviPLAN is backed by a global team of experienced training instructors and knowledgeable support technicians to ensure that users maximize productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

ArcPORT - Enabling Informed Management

ArcPORT offers fast-time airport capacity simulation. Simulating, visualizing and evaluating process or system changes, infrastructure modification or expansion requirements or other what-if scenarios ultimately allows stakeholders to make more informed decisions, before incurring significant costs.

With ArcPORT, consequences from managerial choices can be examined and tested virtually, to predict the future performance of key performance indicators and minimize the potential for costly mistakes.

SkySAFE - Ensuring Safe Operations

The optimum tool for obstacle clearance compliance. SkySAFE is an AutoCAD®-based application designed to assist with every airport's challenge of protecting approach and departure paths. The software allows planners to precisely control and establish the multitude of existing or potential obstacles in an airport's surrounding environment in order to ensure compliance with ICAO or FAA regulations.

SkySAFE effortlessly creates the various Obstacle Limitation/Clearance Surfaces through a series of built-in algorithms and analyses the impact on these surfaces of any obstacle or terrain data that has been defined or imported.

  • Specify single or multiple runway environments
  • View surfaces graphically in AutoCAD® in 2D or 3D
  • Define / import fixed or temporary obstacles and import terrain data
  • Integrate output into Airport Layout Plans or obstacle maps

Aircraft Data Viewer - Aircraft specifications at your fingertips

Aircraft Data Viewer is a Windows® application which presents specifications on more than 450 commercial and military aircraft in one convenient, user-friendly resource.

The software eliminates the need for professionals to spend precious time searching the internet or in manufacturer manuals and planning documents for relevant specifications and ensures that airport operational staff, planners, engineers, consultants and other aviation professionals are working with accurate and up-to-date aircraft data from one source.

  • View aircraft dimensions, steering characteristics, door locations, jet blast impact figures, ground service connection points and ground support vehicle positions
  • Sort aircraft based on criteria such as minimum turning radius or overall length
  • Compare the main dimensions of up to five aircraft
  • View, print or export data to PDF

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