Anti-Glare Roller Blinds

The Reflex-Rol Aviation System is an anti-glare roller blind designed to give optimum vision control when fitted to the unique window shapes and angles of air traffic control towers. As these windows are often inclined to minimise the effect of reflection, it is important that the shade closely follows the glass in a parallel manner to avoid distortion of vision. Over 25 years of development enables the Aviation System anti-glare roller blind to do just this.

Systems can be operated manually, electro-mechanically or electronically, offering a top-to-bottom or a bottom-to-top drop. Depending on the sizes of the shades, 24VDC, 110VAC or 230VAC motors will be deployed.

Reflex-Rol produces a range of shading materials, the AR760 being the airport and control tower standard. Other materials are also available for more standard office-type installations, whether a normal vertical window, or an inclined or horizontal skylight. The Aviation System can also be deployed in many other non-standard-shape windows.

Light filter for anti-glare roller blinds

Selected from Reflex-Rol's wide range of specialist filters, the AR760 light filter with its T65 value of 4.7% and colour reproduction value of 78% has been found to be the most popular worldwide. The hardware has developed so the moving shade is both held in place and guided by tensioned side wires.

Key to the successful operation of the AR760 light filter is its telescopic bottom bar. Simple installations are available with manual operation. More demanding applications can incorporate motors and pulleys as required.

Solar glare control blinds

Reflex-Rol manufactures two groups of solar glare control products: the Reflex-Rol series and the First-Rol series.

Reflex-Rol is a single non-sealed unit with integrated solar reflector foil and operating system. First-Rol is a single, double-glazed and sealed unit with integrated reflector foil and operating system.

Products in each group have an individual application profile and technical specification. Reflex-Rol and First-Rol products can be manufactured and shaped to fit any square, rectangular, trapezoidal or triangular window design and can be installed in a vertical, inclined or horizontal position.

First-Rol hermetically sealed units

First-Rol is a single, double-glazed and sealed unit with integrated reflector foil and operating system. The First-Rol operating system is fully automated and can be adjusted electronically via wall-mounted or infrared remote control. Its control system can also be integrated with a building's central control system. Sizes are limited to a maximum of 1,500mm wide by 2,100mm high, and these products are therefore only applicable for smaller control towers.

Fixed solar and glare control panels

In situations where full roller systems are not economical or practical, semi-fixed panels that make use of the same high-capacity reflector foil can be installed. These panels can be easily removed for window cleaning and other maintenance purposes.

Commercial and military anti-glare roller blinds

Reflex-Rol UK surveys, designs and installs the anti-glare roller blind internationally. Recent installations include Mexico, Mozambique, UAE and across Europe. Reflex-Rol UK has provided anti-glare roller blinds for the commercial and military sectors.

ATC towers are designed to enable air traffic controllers to see well, but Reflex-Rol anti-glare roller blinds enable them to see even better.

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Aviation Shading System from Reflex-Rol 29 March 2016 A 1st Class filter reflector alone does not guarantee a perfect shading system. Much will depend on the hardware system. The barrel or tube to which the reflector is mounted needs to be of high enough quality not to flex. A low quality Aluminium or steel tube at 2m to 3m wide can flex up to 5mm or 6mm