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Megadoor - Vertical Lifting Fabric Doors for Hangars

Megadoor manufactures vertical lifting fabric doors for use in aircraft hangars, mining, steel mills, aerospace, shipbuilding and military facilities worldwide. The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door provides superior answer to extraordinary access challenges. The solutions fulfill size, insulation and rapid opening requirements, and give architects and engineers greater freedom in designing building structures.

The Megadoor mission is to consistently deliver the right product at the right time, expertly engineered, competitively priced, and professional installation and support. The smart way always ensures the right opening solution.

Reliable, energy-saving vertical lifting fabric doors

The simplicity of the Megadoor design and operation contributes both to superb functionality and long-term reliability. With no springs or counterweights, and very few moving parts, it requires practically no maintenance.

The innovative solution and a key reason for Megadoor's global success was a dual-layer fabric construction supported by unique seals around the door that minimise residual air infiltration. Today, in addition to promoting a comfortable working temperature, the Megadoor fabric is also available in a translucent quality that substantially increases the amount of daylight within the hangar, without the negative effects of direct sunlight. This allows technicians to work under natural lighting conditions, as well as contributing to energy cost savings during the day.

Custom and large-sized hangar doors

The Megadoor is designed with few moving parts and requires very little maintenance. Thanks to the unique design it is particularly suitable for environments with strong winds. The horizontal sections transfer the wind load to the vertical guides, which are attached to the building structure. The door can be designed to withstand almost any wind load by varying the size and spacing of the intermediate sections. There is almost no limitation to size or configuration. In multiple door design, daylight widths are unlimited.

The Megadoor slides up and down in weather-sealed vertical guides, which are attached to the building structure. It operates by lifting the bottom section upwards, thereby stacking the intermediate sections one on top of the other. The fabric folds into pleats on both sides.

Opening and closing speed depend on model and varies between 0.2m/s and 0.6m/s.

Multiple-door systems for hangar

For certain applications, for example in Aviation, it is an advantage to split a large opening into two or more smaller openings using the patented Megadoor swing-up mullion system.

The flexibility of multiple doors presents building designers with many advantages. Lower energy consumption, reduction in building size and function-specific design are just three of many possible benefits.

New builds as well retrofits

A Megadoor solution is not only the best choice for new hangar door installations. It is also the best way to bring older hangars into the modern age, ensuring that their door closures fulfill the stringent requirements of FAA and EASA regulations.

In many cases, by adding an extension to the front of the hangar, it is possible to accommodate larger aircraft, thus generating additional income and faster return investment.

Smart solutions for aerospace paint booths

The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door has the lowest level of air infiltration of any large door in the industry. The unique design utilises a single, PVC-coated polyester fabric sheet that is attached to the exterior and interior of the door system. This eliminates any air infiltration through the door or at the door head.

The Megadoor fabric envelops the side guides, creating a unique, tight, double seal that does not require maintenance or replacement. The only maintainable seal on the entire door system is the heavy duty EPDM rubber bottom loop that seals the door to the floor. Together these features insure that air infiltration is low enough to make the Megadoor system an ideal fit for use by NASA in its satellite clean rooms.

About Megadoor

Megadoor is a part of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, which also includes the globally recognised Crawford and Besam brands.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a leading supplier of entrance automation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications in a number of market segments like retail, health, transportation and logistics. With 6,300 employees worldwide and manufacturing facilities in Europe, Korea, the USA and China, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provides a wide number of products and services to global customers in more than 75 countries.

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Megadoor S800 is the door model for medium-sized openings.
Megadoor S1000, for medium-sized openings, has a door leaf thickness of 160mm.
Megadoor's special and custom doors are designed for individual customer needs.
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