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Established in 1983, Jewers Doors is at the forefront of hangar door technology. The UK-based company now has unrivalled expertise in designing and manufacturing its class-leading Esavian doors for installation in the very largest hangars around the world. Esavian doors are installed on more A380 and B747 hangars worldwide than any other door system. The most recent of a number of door installations for A380 aircraft hangars is the massive maintenance hangar at New Doha International Airport, Qatar.

Developed continuously over many years, Esavian doors have sophisticated control systems to reduce temperature changes when doors are opened and a multitude of safety features. A wide choice of cladding materials is available and Esavian doors are suitable for the harshest environments. In addition to doors for very large hangars, Jewers Doors designs and manufactures doors for hangars of all sizes including those for light aircraft and helicopters.

Aircraft hangar doors

While Esavian doors are often specified for new-build projects, they are equally suitable for refurbished hangars and will give long, low maintenance service.

There are no standard sizes or generic specifications for Esavian hangar doors. Instead, each door is designed and manufactured to meet project-specific requirements, such as the size of opening, climatic conditions, wind pressure loadings, architectural features and so on.

Jewers Doors has clients on every continent which include commercial airlines, MRO companies, the military, businesses and private individuals.

Straight-sliding doors for aircraft hangars

The flagship of the Esavian range, the TYPE 126 straight sliding door has been installed on the largest hangars in the world. With an unlimited span, it is also the most popular and cost-effective form of hangar door available.

The steel-framed construction of these bottom-rolling, sliding doors accepts any cladding or glazing system (or cladding / glazing combination) and can incorporate in-built truck doors and personnel doors.

TYPE 126 straight-sliding doors

Key features include:

  • Robust steel construction bottom rolling, sliding door
  • State-of-the-art drive systems with user-friendly controls
  • Multiple safety devices available
  • Heights ranging from 6m to 40m and unlimited width
  • Unlimited choice of cladding, glazing, colours and configurations
  • Full weather-sealing

Insulated steel hangar door

The Flatfold door is a mid-range folding door from the Esavian line up. This bottom-rolling, insulated, steel door is suitable for openings up to 30m wide by 8m high. It is ideal for large helicopter, or medium-sized aircraft hangars. When open, the door leaves fold clear of the opening into small bunching areas, thus providing full opening width and height without compromising hangar space.

Flatfold bottom-rolling folding door

Key features include:

  • For openings up to 8m high by 30m wide
  • No load-bearing portal frame required: door weight taken on floor
  • Power operated as standard
  • Minimal bunching space. A 30m wide bi-parting door will bunch into under 2m beyond each jamb
  • Hand wind versions available
  • Control system positioned on front edge of door to allow operative to 'walk' the door open and closed
  • Inverter control provides smooth acceleration and deceleration during start-up and stopping
  • Full factory finish available in any colour
  • Door frames, mullions and sliding posts are galvanised prior to final finish
  • Single bottom track set flush into floor

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Esavian Aircraft Hangar Doors Brochure 20 April 2017 Jewers Doors designs, manufactures and installs its Esavian range of doors for hangars of any size, anywhere in the world.