Point FWD

Aviation Security Advisory and Data Handling Services


Point FWD offers advisory services and data handling solutions to governments, international aviation organisations, airports and manufacturers worldwide.

The company researches new technologies and specialises in the smart use of data generated by security checkpoints.

Specialised aviation security services

Point FWD specialises in data handling and consulting services.

The company's aviation security projects are supported by extensive operational knowledge, while its data handling packages are focused on usability and effectiveness, and were created with the final user in mind.

Advisory services for aviation security

Point FWD provides advisory services to share knowledge and help clients to improve their processes and operations.

It offers regulatory advice based on experience and collaboration with legislative entities, and is up-to-date with current and future legislation.

The company also supplies implementation advice to clients. Point FWD's engineers have extensive field experience, know the inner workings of equipment and understand limitations and capabilities.

Point FWD's expertise is used for logistical projects at airports, which have helped clients to improve their aviation processes worldwide, as well as providing creative solutions to challenges in workshops.

Data handling services

Point FWD has developed data handling tools for security checkpoints, ranging from analysis to design and compliancy.

The company's data handling suite includes tools for:

  • Checkpoint measurement: Point FWD developed its in-house measurement tool for Windows tablets, allowing it to visit airports and generate comprehensive data on processes
  • Checkpoint analysis: The checkpoint analysis tool enables you to easily gain insight and keep track of your key performance indicators (KPI), and uses existing data to create a comprehensive overview of security checkpoints
  • Checkpoint assessment: The assessment tool is designed to reveal limiting factors within the process so they can be dealt with successfully
  • Compliancy monitoring: The TIP dashboard automates the whole TIP compliancy process, increasing efficiency and effectiveness

About Point FWD

Point FWD is a small, highly specialised AVSEC consultancy firm, based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Founded in 2011 by Gunther van Adrichem, it has grown into a consultancy company with a varied customer base.

Contact Details

Point FWD
Stationsplein NO 336
Gebouw 144, 3rd floor
1117CK Schiphol
+316 55736223

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