Airport Check-In Equipment, Baggage Sorting Systems and Hold Baggage Screening

Vanderlande is the global market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports. This ranges from the design of the departures hall itself to the check-in and bag drop systems, through to automated passenger security checkpoints. At all times, Vanderlande is dedicated to designing solutions that facilitate the efficient and smooth transit of both passengers and luggage, and optimising the experience for all travellers.

The company has established a global reputation over the past six decades as a highly reliable partner for airports, and uses its experience to implement the optimal baggage handling solution. Vanderlande's highly skilled project managers are continually proactive and supportive, even during the most challenging times. This ensures that the company never fails to deliver on its promise to customers, and that their operations remain competitive for the full lifetime of the system.

Vanderlande's baggage handling systems move more than three billion pieces of luggage around the world per year, which equates to around 8.8 million per day. These systems are active in 600 airports, and in 14 of the world's top 20. However, the company doesn't simply deliver systems, but instead focuses on the optimisation of its customers' business processes and competitive positions.

Reliable, value-added baggage handling systems for airports

Airports of all sizes expect value-added systems as standard, with the highest available levels of reliability. The design must be permanently focused on achieving the maximum efficiency of all functions and processes, while factoring in tight airline turnaround times, and capacity and automation level requirements.

As the market leader, Vanderlande has extensive experience in designing and installing a wide range of systems all over the world. The company develops solutions with the capacity to handle peak times, as well as adapt to any future expansion. With high levels of performance and availability, these solutions are proven to reduce costs, and enhance the management of any operation.

Vanderlande actively listens to the requirements of its customers to ensure its designs improve the passenger experience and reduce costs. The company also guarantees that there are no disruptions to live operations during the installation of new equipment, or the maintenance of existing systems. In addition, Vanderlande is proud to continually develop innovative and sustainable solutions that minimise its customers' footprint and strengthen the competitiveness of their business.

Innovative baggage handling technology

All baggage handling systems must include a number of standard functions and procedures. These include check-in and flight make-up areas, as well as the multi-level screening process required by authorities worldwide. However, the passenger experience needs to be optimised and each journey managed seamlessly.

The biggest challenge for airports is to incorporate all of these functions and processes. These must also be combined with airline turnaround times and capacity, and automation level requirements in an efficient and cost-effective way. Using its first-class consultative and design skills, Vanderlande is able to supply the optimal solution to match the requirements of any airport.

It utilises every available form of baggage handling technology and possess the know-how to design, implement, integrate and maintain it effectively. The company's flexible and modular products reduce any element of risk and lead times to an absolute minimum, including:

  • BAGSTORE: ideal for facilitating a baggage 'on demand' or 'pull' concept, it maximises an airport's flexibility and control
  • BLUEVEYOR: the world's first conveyor free of harmful or toxic chemicals has been designed for reuse at the end of life, and minimises energy consumption
  • STACK@EASE: highly flexible and ergonomic loading aid solution that takes the heavy lifting out of baggage loading in flight make-up environments.

Vanderlande is also active in solutions for the improvement of the passenger experience, for example SCANNOJET, the world's most advanced automated passenger checkpoint for the screening of passengers and their hand baggage in airports or other secured areas.

Intelligent software for baggage handling operations

Airport operators are facing numerous challenges due to tougher security checks, customs and border control, and tighter and frequently changing flight schedules. They are also under pressure to meet increasingly higher expectations from airports that want to deliver a world-class service to airlines, and in turn to their passengers.

To cope with these demands, Vanderlande has developed its state-of-the-art VIBES software. Designed to meet the needs of airport operators, handling agents, passengers and airlines, it provides the flexible, effective and integrated control of baggage handling operations.

VIBES is a smart solution that facilitates the complete control of airport baggage handling operations, from the point of entry at check-in through to final reconciliation and loading. It enables analysis of the baggage handling performance, ensures that fewer bags miss their flights, less operators are needed and minimal floor space is required. Aimed at optimising all available assets, it provides real-time information allowing airports to make further improvements to their operations.

Lifecycle services

Vanderlande's lifecycle solutions result in optimal baggage flows, supporting favourable aircraft turnaround times and reductions of minimum connection times for passengers. Perfect planning and execution of operations and maintenance also reduce the missed bag rate, leading to positive passenger experiences and lower costs for airlines.

Vanderlande's service solutions are focused on managing and executing baggage operations and maintenance. Its expertise can further enhance any baggage handling performance through clear lifecycle plans, helping airports to stay secure and be prepared for the future, as well as achieving the highest possible return on investment.

Customers gain invaluable insight from Vanderlande's transparent data and information about end-to-end baggage performance, enabling continuous improvement. The company's integrated future-proof solutions provide efficient and sustainable benefits to ensure its customers' operations run smoothly and profitably. In boosting performance and competitiveness in the market, it allows them to focus on achieving their strategic goals.

Innovation and sustainability

Vanderlande is continuously investing in innovative and sustainable technology and solutions in response to market demand. Through its products and solutions, it aims to contribute to its customers' objectives in terms of their responsibilities to stakeholders, and to the environment. Innovation is at the heart of what Vanderlande does, and it proactively assesses the market and absorbs customer feedback to ensure its solutions continue to surpass expectations.

This has produced a wide range of innovative developments for airports covering the full range of activities. These include SCANNOJET passenger checkpoints, high-speed individual carrier systems TUBTRAX and BAGTRAX, BAGSTORE, BLUEVEYOR and BAXORTER. The STACK@EASE lifting device enables handlers to maintain high levels of productivity for sustained periods.

Sustainability is also an important factor. Vanderlande redesigns products inspired by the Cradle to Cradle® principles, which assesses materials not only on their physical properties, but also on their effects on humans, the environment and their capacity for being recycled. This enables and promotes the repeated re-use of materials, closing the loop and continuing the cycle with minimal use of energy.

These efforts support the sustainable airport concept and Vanderlande is committed to helping its customers achieve their environmental goals. The best example is BLUEVEYOR, the world's first Cradle to Cradle conveyor, which lowers maintenance costs and reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared with traditional conveyors.

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