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Siemens baggage handling systems

For airports and airlines, Siemens has become a leading supplier of baggage and cargo handling systems, IT and service. Siemens is the ideal partner for entirely new terminals, the expansion of existing systems, or operation and maintenance.

In the field of baggage handling Siemens provides check-in technology, belts and trays for baggage handling and sorting to make-up and reclaim carrousels, including IT systems. Siemens cargo portfolio includes loading ramps, build-up/break-down areas, ULD transport, storage systems and high-bay warehouses, as well as complete IT and control solutions for manual or fully automatic systems.

Siemens offers also technical services targeted at ensuring high system availability, reliability and operational efficiency. These LAS services encompass also non-Siemens systems. With respect to airport IT, Siemens addresses the needs of airport operators with a completely new generation of airport and aviation IT products. The Siemens Airport Management and Operations Suite (Siamos), is the core of this Airport IT portfolio.

Groundbreaking innovations

In the last two years, Siemens has significantly increased the budget for research and development (R&D). In line with customers' needs Siemens has revamped its portfolio and taken the lead on some groundbreaking innovations. Here are some examples.

SmartTilter - Siemens' dynamic tilt-tray conveyor

SmartTilter, Siemens' solution for the dynamic tilting of tray conveyors, helps get baggage to its destination as quickly as possible. Traveling at up to 2.5m/s, the conveyor itself, including the tray, is tilted, and baggage can be offloaded to either side. Trays entering the device can be tilted while moving. And while the first tray is being tilted, the next tray can enter the SmartTilter.

This feature leads to a significantly higher throughput than with a static tilter. With its modular design, the SmartTilter is an extremely flexible solution: Discharge points can be positioned very closely together, increasing capacity during high workloads. When throughput is low, discharge points can be reduced.

Baggage Vision System - enhanced bag tag recognition based on OCR technology

Baggage labels with barcodes can end up torn or twisted. Once a bag tag can no longer be read, the baggage item has to be diverted to manual coding stations. The Baggage Vision System from Siemens combines barcode reading with optical character recognition (OCR).

The OCR technology scans and interprets the information on damaged bag tags and helps divert bags to their destination within seconds. Siemens has successfully applied OCR for many years, such as in postal and parcel handling systems all over the world.

VarioBelt VBB 3000

Each airport has a unique architecture and setup. The baggage handling system, in turn, has to adjust to site-specific conditions. Through a high degree of modularity and flexibility, VarioBelt VBB 3000 can be installed in any airport with a minimum of customization. VarioBelt components can be assembled optimally, whatever the layout: any combination of straight sections, curves, inclines and declines is possible.

VarioSort TTS 1100 - fast and efficient baggage sortation

Growing passenger numbers generally mean more baggage to be handled - and a higher volatility of throughput. Peak periods are especially challenging in view of minimum connecting times. The sorting area also has to handle additional functions such as load balancing for X-ray screening areas, as well as feeding early bag stores and tray systems. The ideal solution is the Siemens tilt-tray sorter VarioSort TTS 1100, which integrates 20 years of experience gained in the airport and parcel logistics world.

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