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'Space Flexible' Air Cargo Handling Equipment Solutions

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McGrath Industries provides the ability to convert any warehouse space into a fully functional air cargo handling environment without the cost of building alterations, no pits, no recesses, no changes to the building's concrete floor or structure. An ideal equipment suite for converting on-airport and off-airport buildings into air freight facilities for permanent and temporary operations.

Air cargo handling equipment for airport freight terminlas and logistics centres

McGrath Industries specialises in a complete range of low-profile floor-mounted Unit Load Device (ULD) handling equipment for airport cargo terminlas and off-airport logistics centres.

McGrath's 'Space Flexible' equipment system creates an efficient and dynamic working environment that includes land-side and air-side hoist interfaces.

The ULD base-height throughout the system is just 200mm (8in) above floor level, ergonomically the ideal height for staff to safely handle ULDs, as well as load and discharge freight.

Forklift propelled Slave Dollies

Investment in specialised powered transfer equipment can be eliminated by using Slave Dollies. Slave Dollies can be propelled by general-purpose forklifts, typical of most warehouse operations. Glide the loaded ULD across the floor to the most appropriate location, and then use the same forklift to load or breakdown the freight.

The forklift engages with and slightly tilts the Slave Dolly. The opposite side is supported by McGrath Industries' proprietary precision heavy duty micro castors, which are located under and within the Slave Dolly's frame.

The forklift can then glide the ULD on the Slave Dolly across the warehouse floor, either pushing or pulling it.

High-speed Slave Dolly transporter

For large and high throughput facilities, the Cobra Transporter provides safe, fast and dynamic Slave Dolly movement. Even big operations usually only require one Cobra, as the fork-lifts provide additional back up ULD transfer capacity when necessary.

The Cobra's dual joystick controls are intuitive. The elevated operator position has an unrestricted 360° view over all ULDs, except tall main deck units, and the operator can reverse his position, eliminating vehicle about turns while placing the ULD conveniently behind him for longer distance travel.

Low profile hoists requiring no pit

McGrath Industries' range of truck dock mast hoists are a ULD lift mechanism that does not require pit-mounting but achieves a minimum deck height of only 200mm (8in) above floor level.

The two principal models are 7t capacity with 4m long deck, and 14t capacity with 6.8m deck. Optional features include powered rollers, on-board weighing and powered side shift.

For air-side facilities, dolly dock hoists rise from 200mm to 510mm, while providing a buffered interface with the ramp trailers that supports rapid throughput. By separating internal ULD operations from the dolly hoist operation, the system overall can achieve a higher throughput than by combining transporter and hoist functions into one machine.

Powered omni decks, ball decks and conveyors

Other system components that may be incorporated to build a complete solution include powered orientation decks, and ball deck modules that can tile any size or shape of deck. Conveyor sections can be fixed or moveable, manually operated or power driven.

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