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ICM has been a leader in the provisioning of automated baggage handling systems for airports since 1977.

Our range of Auto Bag Solutions address the mission critical processes at airports for handling and managing passenger hold baggage. From bag tagging and drop off to screening and loading, our products and services revolve around automation of baggage processes.

Our solutions cover 'above the wing' passenger bag drop processes to 'below the wing' baggage ramp operations. Our approach is to provide uncompromised safety and security along with reliability and efficiency.

Auto Bag Drop

ICM's Auto Bag Drop (ABD) enables passengers to check-in their baggage by themselves without having to queue at a check-in desk. It is proven for single and common-use airports in both domestic and international environments.

Automatic Baggage Loading

Modern airports have an automatic baggage handling system, which transports baggage from the check-in counter to the baggage sortation belt for the flight. On the way to this point the baggage is automatically X-Rayed, temporarily stored and sorted. However at the supply point the heavy manual work begins. The baggage is generally manually placed in a flight container (ULD) or stacked on a baggage ramp cart. During this process, one worker typically lifts about 16t per shift.

The automated baggage loading cell completes these work steps using a robot. The robot's patented "gripper" is developed to increase performance and efficiency of the loading process. It comprises a telescopic surface with a stop. Consequently the telescopic surface precisely matches the size of the bag.

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ICM Airport Technics - Qantas Case Study 04 June 2014 ICM Airport Technics collaborated with Qantas to create a next generation check-in process, system, the automatic bag drop. This business-critical solution would form the backbone of Qantas’ role in reducing queues, enhance their passenger experience, and re-discover its competitive advantage position in the marketplace.


ICM Airport Technics - London Heathrow Airport Case Study 28 May 2014 French multinational corporation Capgemini has collaborated with ICM Airport Technics to automate the bag drop process at London Heathrow Airport, as a part of the airport's technology and the passenger journey (TATPJ) programme.


The World’s Most Proven Self-Service Bag Drop Solution 21 May 2014 Airports and airlines are looking at self-service bag drops to alleviate passenger congestion, lower operational costs and improve the customer experience. However, a significant number of challenges exist to fully realise the benefits of these solutions.

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