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BCS Group - Airport Baggage Handling Systems

Airport Systems is the baggage handling systems (BHS) specialists within BCS Group. Airport Systems specialises in the development, design, manufacture, installation and servicing of a broad range of innovative, state-of-the-art baggage handling systems and components suitable for small regional ports right through to large international airports.

We are world leaders in hold bag screening (HBS) security systems and integration, as well as developers of our revolutionary Sym3 3D virtual airport simulation, virtual commissioning and SCADA software package that delivers outstanding productivity gains for airport BHS.

Engineering, controls design and field support capabilities are all contained entirely within Airport Systems. We have developed an experienced, self-sufficient capability to handle large, complex projects from concept development and simulation through to fabrication, system installation and commissioning, followed by operation and maintenance.

Airport Systems core expertise can be summarised as:

  • Turnkey baggage handling systems
  • Baggage handling components (conveyors, check-ins, carousels)
  • System design, simulation services and consulting
  • Automation control systems design and integration
  • IT software and high-level controls design development and deployment
  • Dedicated and common-use bag drop system specialists
  • Innovative financial outsourcing solutions for BHS

Hardware for airports and airlines

BCS has developed a global manufacturing footprint that is scalable to support all sizes of projects in our key markets and draws on manufacturing sites in New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia and China. We offer a fully integrated range of well engineered hardware backed by a bespoke engineering capability and comprehensive warranty and maintenance options.

Airports and airlines controls

BCS has its origins as a controls and automation specialist (as Berill Control Systems back in 1993) and nobody understands better the requirements for effective operational controls systems for modern baggage handling systems large or small.

As an industry leader within the global BHS services sectors, you can be assured the latest automation control system development, programming, design skills, and methodologies are applied to your project. When you link this domain knowledge with our proprietary Sym3 Virtual Commissioning tool that allows us to factory test systems prior to site work as part of a comprehensive approach to risk management, then working with BCS means confidence for all stakeholders that your project will be delivered and working as planned and on time.

Controls and automation expertise

  • All electrical and low level controls are designed for complex automated sortation systems with a focus on energy efficiency
  • PLC code development across all common PLC platforms, including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Danfoss and Omron
  • SCADA development using all major products and Sym3™ the world's first 3D system control, virtual commissioning and visualisation software
  • Drawings, documentation and comprehensive operator training
  • Virtual and onsite commissioning
  • Operations and maintenance

Software for airports and airlines

BCS understands the requirements for intuitive and scalable BHS operational management systems. As the baggage handling system is mission critical in any airport, the operational software and IT must be utterly reliable, scalable for growth and deliver maximum operational visualisation and efficiency. Unlike many BHS companies we do not rely on "cookie cutter" third-party software and have developed innovative and revolutionary proprietary software products as part of the operational management platform, which consists of:

  • Airflow Gen 5 high level sortation software
  • Sym3 operator, the world's first 3D SCADA for BHS
  • Baggage information system for iPad and iPhone

Bag drop solutions

BCS has partnered with SITA to deliver an enhanced and world-class solution for dedicated or common-use bag drop solutions based on our BAGgate and BAGgate Lite hardware solutions that enhances airport capacity and provides sub-30 second bag processing for passengers. With hands-on experience in developing successful solutions since 2007, BCS has an unrivalled depth of knowledge on how to plan, implement and deliver bag drop solutions for both airlines and airports.

Contact Details

BCS Group - Head Office
PO Box 302 320
Unit F, 7 Orbit Drive
New Zealand
Tel: +64 9 414 1350
Fax: +64 9 414 1355

BCS' baggage handling solutions include a range of reliable and robust carousels, such as this carousel in the arrivals hall of Melbourne Airport.
BCS is at the forefront of the self check revolution and has developed an end to end solution for Bag Drop Systems as your preferred system integration partner.
BCS has built a solid reputation as a provider of innovative and cost-effective baggage handling systems worldwide.
Our expert design team utilises the latest in 3D CAD software as well as our own Virtual Airport baggage handling system simulation software, to ensure an optimal solution is delivered.
The BCS product range includes an entire range of baggage handling system conveyors, industrial control systems and software for both Arrivals and Departures Systems.
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