Turnkey Solutions for Air Cargo Terminals

ACUNIS offers bespoke turnkey solutions for handling and storage of air cargo goods including automation and inventory control systems.

The company portfolio includes high-bay storage systems, elevating transfer vehicles (ETVs), conveying equipment and work stations, cargo terminal engineering, automation and warehouse management systems, as well as assembly, installation and commissioning services.

ACUNIS is an expert partner for air cargo projects, offering services that extend beyond planning, engineering and installation.

Flexible air cargo storage systems

ACUNIS helps clients to optimise their logistics and available space with its flexible storage concepts.

Solutions are available for the safe storage of cargo, and provide a seamless cold chain for sensitive goods.

High-bay storage for ULDs

ACUNIS' high-bay storage systems offer high durability and variable compartment heights they are individually adapted to your needs.

Elevating transfer vehicles

Equipped with a lifting gear and conveyor roller deck, ETVs from ACUNIS are able to move ULDs horizontally and vertically at the same time.

The company also equips its vehicles with cooling systems for temperature-sensitive goods.

Shipment buffers

For the intermediate storage of cargo in the shipment buffer before or after dispatch, the company offers flexible solutions that optimise processes and reduce the need for storage space.

Air cargo transfer solutions

ACUNIS provides adaptable and reliable airport cargo transfer solutions, including truck docks, roller decks, transfer vehicles, hoists, pallet movers, x-movers and work stations.

Based on its expertise in automation and IT, ACUNIS's solutions enhance the safety and security of transfer operations. A large choice of standard modules makes its products economical and reliable.

ACUNIS's systems feature easy-view control screens with symbols instead of hard-to-read text, making them easy to operate, even from mobile terminal devices.

With the company's solutions, clients are able to monitor and maintain full control over air cargo.

Warehouse management system for optimal quality

With UniWare, ACUNIS offers a warehouse management system with directly functioning modules, covering all standard processes at air cargo hubs. With the integrated and zoom able system visualisation you can keep track of your cargo stream and have it under control at all times.

In addition, video monitoring (CCTV) products from the company track and document work processes for quality assurance.

Project management, after-sales services and financing

ACUNIS offers project management from initial planning to after-sales services, as well as tailor-made financial consulting.

The company assembles, installs, commissions and delivers products worldwide, via its workshops and global network of certified manufacturers.

ACUNIS retrofits, modernises and overhauls cargo terminal, as well as offers servicing and maintenance for its cargo solutions.


ACUNIS is a joint venture merging the expertise of AMOVA, a leading supplier of logistics, load transport, handling and storage systems, and Unitechnik Systems, a provider of industrial automation and IT systems with many years experience in air cargo projects.

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