Airport 20/20

Airport Operational Management Systems

Airport 20/20 is a complete suite of airport information management software designed specifically for airports around the world. The solutions assist airports to increase their operational and financial efficiency.

The 20/20 suite includes:

  • Aeronautical billing
  • Resource management and planning (RMS)
  • Airport operational database (AODB)
  • Flight information display systems (FIDS)
  • Property management
  • Message broker

Decades of experience and years of development have resulted in an airport management solution proven to increase financial returns by dramatically increasing airport efficiency. 20/20 delivers information of the highest integrity to benefit the entire airport community. The 20/20 system includes the following modules:

Aeronautical billing

Managing an airport's revenue stream can be a complex and difficult task. The 20/20 billing module is designed to vastly simplify the collation and billing of all flight and non-flight related revenue. The system is completely flexible to specific business requirements while maintaining billing integrity and ease of use.

Resource management and planning (RMS)

Managing airport resources effectively and efficiently, including gates, stands, ticket counters and baggage belts, is fundamental to the successful management of any airport. The 20/20 resource management and planning system is an easy-to-use, long-term planning and real-time decision support tool for managing these resources. An RMS Simulated Operations system is also available for simulated resource planning.

Airport operational database (AODB)

The 20/20 operational database (AODB) ensures that every person working at the airport has the information they need at the time they need it. Moreover, the use of a single database by all functions ensures data input and usage is optimised and efficient and that information distribution occurs immediately.

Flight information display system (FIDS)

Critical to the efficient running of an airport is the ability to quickly and accurately display flight-related information to all members of the airport community including travellers, airline staff, retailers, ground handlers and transportation operators. The 20/20 flight information display system provides flight-related information throughout the airport including at the check-in desks, baggage belts, gates and arrival/departure screens.

Property management

As airport shareholders' and owners' demands grow, non-aeronautical related income is becoming increasingly important for airports. This 20/20 module helps airports to manage their rental, lease, licence and concession-related interests. It provides the information you need to make important property related business decisions.

Message broker

The message nroker is an important component of the 20/20 airport management system as it enables seamless data integration with third party systems essential to the daily operations of an airport business. Supporting a range of third party interfacing protocols, including web services, the 20/20 message broker can also be used in conjunction with third party enterprise service buses. This enables an airport to loosely couple systems and optimise the collection and dissemination of key information to all systems.

Collaborative decision making

Collaborative decision making is a powerful system designed to process real-time data from multiple sources within and outside of the airport business. Collating data on flights, resources, passenger movements, airport events and other critical airport information, Airport 20/20 CDM uses configured business logic to enable airport staff to accurately predict estimated off-block time (EOBT), target off-block time (TOBT), target start and push-back time (TSAT) and target take-off time (TTOT).

Interactive dashboards

Designed to provide a real-time snapshot of an airport's operational performance, Airport 20/20 includes a set of interactive dashboards for executives and operational staff within the airport. Dashboards can be configured to ensure the most relevant information is available to airport staff. Dashboards are also real-time and color coding ensures that the system automatically displays any airport issues so that they can be actioned quickly by airport staff.

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